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The Food and Hospitality Industry has become very important to the Australian economy, as it is one of the biggest employers in our state. It now has attained a much higher status in society and demands high standards of work from its employees. This industry is important to Australia as it is bringing in money from different countries and once this money is made it stays in the country.

Employment opportunities are many. Many who wish to enter the industry usually do so by gaining a apprenticeship . Apprenticeships in the hospitality industry usually last between 2.5 years to 4 years. These apprenticeships mainly consist of 'on the job training', combined with full time practical work experience, along with future training at TAFE.

This industry consists of long hours and workers must have a keen attitude, a friendly disposition, neat appearance, a willingness to work, confidence, cleanliness, personal hygiene and honesty.

Interpersonal skills basically include the ability to interact with people and using initiative to deal with problems which may arise if the customer is not satisfied.

This Industry has many different sectors, including the Hospitality sector, which consists of restaurants, cafes, licensed clubs, accommodation, caravan parks, casinos, bed & breakfasts and taverns. This sector is broken down into the food, beverage and accomodation services and is involved a lot with the tourism sector.

Travel - travel agencies, tour and travel wholesalers, coach and air companies, shipping lines and car rentals Visitor services - tourist information centres, regional tourism associations, tourism commissions.

Gaming - table and electronic gaming, this sector is mainly involved with casinos and establishments with tab facilities, keno and where gaming machines are available. Many locals and tourists spend their money in this part of the industry.

Tourism - tour operations, theme parks, attractions, wildlife parks,