Forbidden Island - A Critical Reflection

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A Critical Reflection

As our group walked down the hallway from the lecture hall to the assigned meeting room, I overheard some of my peers asking each other if they understood the rules of the game that we were about to play. It was obvious to me at that point, that we would have to review the instructions of Forbidden Island before beginning the simulation as a team. After sitting down in the meeting room with the rest of the group members, I was reminded of my experience as a member of a sales team for an organization I had worked for prior to beginning my MBA. Just as many of my colleagues, including myself, were uncertain of the rules pertaining to the Forbidden Island game, I was able to relate my experience here to the time when many of my former colleagues had been uncertain about a project assigned to the sales team and how were going to approach it while meeting the objectives and goals set out by the organization.

Although I was reminded of meetings related to work and school projects, I was relating this activity to something a little more enjoyable. It was the first time that I was taking part in a cooperative style board game, and I was unaware at the time how many aspects of this simulation would remind me of my past experiences working in a group setting either at work or at school, and how it related to decision making, communication, and at times, conflict between members.

While we were all still quite uncertain about the rules of the game, we began setting up the pieces to the game on the meeting room table according to the instructions that came with it in the box. Without discussing any sort...