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I Foreign Policy

A Introduction

1 The goal of foreign policy is to promote peace and friendship with other nations.

2 Interdependence is mutual reliance of the world's nations.

a Such INTERDEPENDENCE means nations must cooperate in seeking world peace, freedom, and prosperity.

II Conducting Foreign Relations

A Introduction

1 The way the nation follows its foreign policy affects a country's foreign relations.

a FOREIGN RELATIONS are the way a nation deals with the governments of other nations.

B Presidents Role

1 Military Powers

a The president makes recommendations to congress about the military's

size and equipment

b The president can order troops, planes, and warships into action.

1 However, only congress can declare war.

2 Treaty-Making Powers

a With the advice and consent of the senate, the president has the power to

make three types of treaties.

1Peace treaties, or agreements to end wars.

a They spell out the terms for ending fighting.

b All sides must consent to such treaties.

2 ALLIANCE treaties, or agreements between nations to help each other for defense, economic, scientific, or other reasons.

3Commerical treaties or trade treaties.

a They are agreements between nations to trade with each

other on favorable terms.

b All treaties must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the senate.

c Agreements can also be made by an executive agreement.

1 An EXECUTIVE AGREEMENT is a mutual understanding

between the president of the United States and the leader of a

foreign government.

3 Diplomatic Powers

a The president, with the approval of the senate appoints ambassadors to represent the United States in foreign nations.

1 The president receives ambassadors from other nations.

2 This right to receive ambassadors from other nations includes the

power of diplomatic recognition.

II Working for Peace

A Introduction

1 Many departments and agencies...