About the Formantion of the Republican Party in the 1820's.

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For those whose license plate proudly displays the emblem of Abraham Lincoln's face they are constantly reminded of the state's infamous son, it's difficult to think of Abraham Lincoln and his Republican Party as anything but mainstream. But in 1854, when the party was founded, it was nothing like the well-funded powerhouse the American society is familiar with today. At that time, the apprentice movement was in a battle with other political groups to become, one of the two supreme political parties in America. The George W. Bush for President bumper stickers currently displayed on automobiles across the country provide plenty of evidence that the early Republicans were successful. Assistant professor of history at Eastern Illinois University, Mark Voss-Hubbard, goes as far as saying that, "the Republican Party is the only truly successful third-party movement in American history". (Illinois Issues) The Republicans, as successful as they may be, did not achieve this on their own.

It was in fact the downfall of various political parties that lead to a mainly four party political system and in turn boosted the Republican Party to the height it is at today.

If one desires to understand why various parties decline, one must also consider the relationship between the reforms and the decline. One must first be under the assumption that the definition of parties is: they are in existence for the purpose of influencing government by controlling nominations and resources and contesting elections. A party will have declined if the following has occurred. First there is a loss in control over nominations. Without the ability to put forth candidates for the voters to rely on to represent political principals, the election of any officer at any level becomes a pointless experience. (Kayden 29) Next, there is a loss in the party's control of...