The formation of identity in "Climbing The Mango Trees" by Madhur Jaffrey

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We often speak of one's "personal identity" as what makes one the person one is. Your identity in this sense consists roughly of those properties that make you unique as an individual and different from others. Or it is the way you see or define yourself. Or it may be the network of values and convictions that structure your life.

I think that identity consists of different part to form at the end whole personal identity. Part one is our religious identity which we share with people who have the same religion the other part is the identity of nation which we share with our people so what make us unique in our personality, what make my identity different from my sister's who live in the same environment….it is the way we deal with things around us what make us unique in identity as we are unique in our fingerprints.

Madhur kept forming her identity along her live influenced by every thing around her, family starting from her grandfather ending with the youngest member in her extended family. She would prefer to be boys rather than girls because in their society the dominance is for men and always men first .

Madhur intended to good schools to be educated which formed her identity in unique way not only because the educational methods but also because the kind of people she dealt with.

Madhur had been told the family's history by her grandmother and other women in her family in mythic way and she also read it in the book bounded with red that she found it accidently which influenced her identity as a member of the unique family. It was a privileged and cosmopolitan family, influenced by Hindu, Muslim and British traditions