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Come up with a creative title. ISU Report

Lord of the Flies

Author: By: William Golding

By: Veraj Paruthi

Assigned by: Ms. Vendittelli

Due: April 28, 2014


William Golding's Lord of the Flies revolves around the story of a group British choir who have been (or some other verb) shot down over a stranded island. The boys are all spread out through the island and reunited when (last name) Ralph blows the conch (which is…). Once all the boys are together Ralph is elected as leader of….. last name Ralph decides to build a signal fire at the top of the mountain. The boys fail to complete this task, but play in the water or hunt instead. Due to this failure a ship passes by with noticing the stranded boys. This creates arises some conflict, as last name!!! Jack and his companions decided to go hunting, causing the fire to be left unlit his friends left the fire unlit and rather hunt.

That night while planes fight in the sky a dead parachutist sails gently to the top of the mountain. This is then noticed the next day and is thought to be the "Beast"; when a shadow is seen the next day YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO Jack and from now on I will just cross out the names, make it the last name opposed to the first, unless "Ralph" and" Jack" are your best friends Ralph if they should investigate. An argument between them leads to Jack and his friends leaving to make a separate clan. Jack and his hunter clan raid Ralph and his friend Piggy and steal Piggy's glasses. The following morning Ralph and Piggy try to go make peace; bu

t however, instead they are attacked in the process. A boulder that rolls...