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Eighth Grade ELA CCGPS Frameworks - Unit 1

Framework Title: Ever-changing Adolescent Identities

Informational reading focus

Grade Level: 7th Grade

Course: ELA

Approximate Duration: 6 weeks (This is only the first 3 weeks of the unit.)

Overview of the unit

As an adolescent, you may feel like you are the only person experiencing changes in your life. Be assured, you are not alone. Many authors and poets have explored the issue of ever-changing adolescent identities as they made this transition in their own lives. In this unit, you will read several accounts to gain a better understanding of what others experienced as they faced the issues that you may face.

During the first three weeks, target lessons will establish the expectations for annotating text, close reading, writing proficiently, and discussing collaboratively. As the unit progresses, students work on citing textual evidence that reveals theme, central ideas, characters' actions, motives, and traces the development throughout a text.

Learning targets

1. I can provide textual evidence for literary and informational texts that support analysis of what a text says explicitly and implicitly. (ELACC8RL1 and ELAC87RI1)

2. I can determine a theme for a literary text and central idea for an informative text and analyze its development over the course of the text. (ELACC8RL2 and ELACC8RI2)

3. I can provide an objective summary of a text. (ELACC8RL2 and ELACC8RI2)

4. I can write an argument supporting claims with reasons and relevant evidence. (ELACC8W1)

5. I can write an informative/explanatory text that examines a topic by conveying accurate ideas, concepts, and/or information. (ELACC8W2)

Summative (Performance-based) Assessment

Describe the assessment for determining if the unit standards are met.

1. After reading a selected (short text) and a selected (extended text section), write a multi-paragraph extended response that compares the main character/protagonist in the (short...