Frederick II the Great King of Prussia

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The leader that appeals to me the most is Frederick II the Great King of Prussia. He ruled Prussia from 1740 to 1786. Frederick II was one of the greatest and enlightened but absolute rulers of Prussia. Frederick was one of the greatest military geniuses who adopted various new strategies to improve his state and strengthen the economy oh his country, of all the important things he was seen as a superb tactician who found ways to defeat larger, or better placed, armies by concentrating his forces against a portion of his enemies. He built a strong army to fight against the enemies and also expanded the army. Apart from the army he also did a number of other things that improved the economy on the whole such as:

Issued a series of domestic reforms that modernized Prussia and built her up from within.

He continued the work of his predecessors to consolidate power by giving the territorial princes a place in the governmental bureaucracy.

He established universal religious toleration

He granted freedom of the press.

He established individual protections against the law by speeding up the legal process

He abolished torture, and made death sentences legal only with his personal sanction

He established the first German law code and enforced general education rules across Prussia.

Frederick financed the rebuilding of towns through agricultural reforms and built thousands of miles of roads.

Thus we see that he did all that in his power to improve the state and the people which are never seen in much of the kings in those times or even for that matter today. Moreover Frederick personally never had interest in ruling the nation he was interest in art and music but due to his fathers force he gave them up and joined...