Frederick niche, Be yourself. Is life just one big fantasy? Or is it a Miracle? Do we base our views on society?

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Be Yourself

Is life just one big fantasy? Or, is it a miracle? Some philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche believe there are two types of ways to live. The first and more popular among society is to follow the ones that taught us. By living life based on the way others present it, we are unable to do what is truly wanted. The other way to live is to simply be you, which makes one unique and beautiful. Although this view is portrayed as being insane, it is the only way to take your own path. By building upon the foundation provided by society, one has the power to be an artist.

Those who want to blend into society do so for many reasons. Laziness is the most evident characteristic to why people live in a fantasy. To do anything in life, you must be introduced to the basics before pursuing the next level.

When people are young, they go to school and learn a curriculum that will help them prepare for the next step in life. When a person learns these basics, they have not created any original ideas, thus they are just like every person that surrounds them. Most lazy people will not build off this foundation, and not find their natural self. By believing everything that is taught, and not venturing out to realize what is right to yourself, you have no knowledgeable advantage over anybody. "Men are even lazier than they are fearful, and fear most of all the burdensome nuisance of absolute honesty and nakedness… 'Be yourself! All that you are now doing, thinking, and desiring is not really yourself'".� By letting others do your thinking for you, you will never possess any natural, unique feeling. This is mirrored perfectly by society today. Woman that...