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Freedon is the quality or state of being free, as defined by Webster's Dictionary. According to George Michael it's more the right to do whatever you want, wear whatever you want, or have half naked girls lay around and lip synch to music. To teenagers it is getting a car and a curfew later than ten. Even with these liberties there are rules. George's models can't show too much and the teenagers still have their curfews and can't just take the car anywhere. That takes away the hype of using "freedom" so freely. It honestly contradicts the meaning that many othere see. To millions in foreign third world countries freedom and the United States of America are synonymous. People in situations of poverty, starvation, disease, or abuse see freedom as menaing getting away to a better life. The freedoms that most of us take for granted others would die for.

The freedom of living without persecution for religious practices. The freedom of living in any kind of house you can afford. The freedom of boing friends with whoever you choose.

Still, we as Americans lack freedom. Many of our choices throughout our lives are chosen for us. Such as what clothes we wear, what classes we take, even what job you get are tainted by the opinioins of peers, television, radio, magazines, movie stars, pop stars, parents, and others. Television is always telling us how to look and how the opposite sex should look. "Tall, thin, blond, blue eyes" are considered the perfect woman. "Tall, muscular, athletic, blonde, blue eyes" make the perfect guy. This to me is a direct violation of freedom and sounds a bit like the Holocaust. This violates the freedom to be yourself without discrimination because of your weight, hair color, eye color, clothing choice,