The Freedom of Choice

Essay by sugar_lust October 2006

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A world without choice is a world without freedom. Choice allows us to express our feelings, wants and dreams through selection. Choice does not only occur to us when we are purchasing in the supermarket, it is part of our daily lives, it involves electing leaders and the lifestyle we choose to take on.

If the freedom of choice was taken away from consumers, a single brand will be left of their usage. There will be no motivation for the producers to strive and make better products since they no longer have competition and it is basically mandatory to purchase their products. They will no longer need to pay attention to the quality and safety of their products; ridiculous prices may rise, causing low-income earners to lack these necessary goods and services.

Choice generates employment, without the variety of businesses that produce our goods and services, these workers will be unemployed and many more people will "need basic food, vegies and rice".

Quality comes from choice. People may choose to buy cheap goods due to their limited income level and vice versa. With the freedom of selection, we can also allow people to choose to buy environmentally friendly products instead of forcing them to buy the stereotyped goods.

Without choice, this world will be dull and our lives would be trapped in a routine of the same procedures and products devoid of originality. Will there still be a difference between robots and mankind then?