Freedom of Religion related to the freedom of speech and press.

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Freedom of religion, related to the freedom of press and speech.

The first amendment prohibits an established religion in the United States. It also states that you can practice this religion in any peaceful way that you choose. The other rights of the first amendment can support this or delude this. People in the United States can say or right whatever they choose about their or another person's religion. Religious freedom means different things to different people, whether they understand the full extent of it or not. Most people take for granted going to church on Sunday, or praying before a meal. In some other places, terror reigns over the citizens when they pray or try to worship their god in public. Is their ruler so insecure that he forces people to go against what they believe?

Freedom of press, speech, and protest has impacted our economy greatly. Americans would not have freedom of religion if there weren't freedom of press and speech.

The definition of religion is any specific system of belief, worship, or conduct. If an individual's belief means worshiping before every meal and they are dining out, they would not have freedom of religion. If a new church opens and they want more Christians to attend, how will they get the word out if not a flyer or newspaper?

As you can see from the examples above, the First Amendment protects the rights of Americans sufficiently. There would be no freedom of religion if there were no freedom of press and speech. Although individuals would be able to pick their choice religion, they would have to carry out the practice quietly, as if ashamed. Hopefully someday instead of continuously fighting, the rest of the world will adopt these same principles. These are the things that truly...