Freedoms and allowances here on earth

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As human beings we were made by our creator and given many freedoms and allowances here on earth. In chapter one of Kammer's book he calls this an original blessing traceable to the creation stories which he calls our "giftedness." This giftedness is not a privilege but a commission to "stewardship." Stewardship in turn is our relationship with our fellow man or "community." This is the beginning of a time honored and quintessential theme of the Bible's Old Testament. This is the Cycle of Baal. The cycle, in short, is the story of the reoccurring human drama of finding God and losing him, only to return at the lowest point and be redeemed by our ever faithful Creator in fulfillment of His covenant.

So, in the beginning when God promised the people of Israel land and prosperity for the generations to come, there was a cohesive sense of duty to one's community.

Even when people prospered, scripture and law commanded them that they must not keep to themselves, but reach out to the anawim or the poor. Through this divine request the people could be given knowledge of God's purpose for his creation. Creation itself, the animals, plants, etc, is not ours to own, but ours to keep. Keep in every sense of the word meaning to honor and protect. With this comes great responsibility and duty. If part of His creation or His gift to us starts to suffer, then the whole shall be held responsible until it is made right again. We are all in it together, which if this was taken more seriously, more people today would be well and prospering. Unfortunately, there are many who do not carry this sentiment because their own needs and wants have overwhelmed their lives and feed their self-driven actions. This...