The Fronde this paper shows the effects of the Fronde on the reign of Louis XIV. Concludes with yes as an answer.

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"The Fronde"

The Fronde was a period of uncertainty in France. A time in which a newly crowned king of just ten years old at the time. A young king named Louis XIV was chased by the upper middle class and the nobility and treated as prisoners. These two social groups required some change in their government. They desired less powering the hand of the king and more toward the people's hands. However, everyone knows that this contradicts what Louis XIV desired for France; an absolute monarchy. One might say that this traumatic experience sculpted his future reign as king, whether it was for better or for worse.

The Fronde, sculpted Louis XIV's reign as the absolute king of France in many ways. To begin, the constant pressure and hatred from the upper middle class and the Nobles to reform the government to give more power to them was traumatizing to the young Louis the XIV.

It's obvious that when anyone is hurt by another, they develop hatred toward the other person. So in turn, Louis XIV developed ways to eliminate the Nobility from the government. He made a hinting lodge ten miles from Paris in a place called Versailles into an elegant place for the Nobles relax and enjoy a good opera. By getting rid of the Nobles less people stood in the way of Louis XIV of accomplishing his dream of an absolute monarchy in France. In fact, he never had to once meet with the nobles once and discuss governmental policies.

The Nobles had had a history of standing in the way of French absolutism however, by manipulating them; Louis XIV was able to achieve immense feats. In one instance, Louis XIV achieved the active collaboration of the Nobility in Languedoc. He was able...