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Johannah McCarty

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May 22, 2014

"Statistics reveal that stress actually causes eighty to ninety percent of illnesses" said Jacqueline Sidman, PhD. Stress has many effects on you health. Its effects on your health can be cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral. Stress can be caused by external or internal conflicts. External Stress is situational stress and can be caused by weather, work, school, children and family behavior. Internal conflicts can be chronic worrying, negative self-talk, and or all-or-nothing attitude. There are many ways stress effects your health including anxious or racing thoughts, feeling overwhelmed and frequent colds.

Internal stress is chronic worrying, pessimism, and negative self-talk. This stress and also external stresses are called stressors. (Smith, Segal, and Segal) People normally think of stress being negative, but in fact stress is anything that puts high demand on you. (Smith, Segal, and Segal) The effects of internal stress can be depression, weight problems, and many more.

"Internal stress originates from the conflict between your conscious and subconscious mind. So while you may blame an external source for your frustrations, your own interpretations are the underlying cause. While no one ever chooses to be sick, the conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind creates inner conflict, or stress, that may cause the immune system to break down. This build up of tension also imposes extreme stress on the internal organs, which can be converted to physical or emotional illness." Said Jacqueline Sidman, PhD.