Fuedalism in the middle ages examples of economic, social and political

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At the fall of Roman Empire, was the beginning of the Middle Ages in which the fuedal system was used. Feudalism was a political system in which nobles are granted the use of land that legally belongs to their kings in exchange for their loyalty, military services and protection of the people who were on the land. After the fall of rome there was a great decline in trade through out europe. The christian church ruled the major part of life in government and religion along with the weak central government of the king and nobles. The fuedal social pyramid consisted of different levels of people.

During the Middle Ages econimic stability declined. The trade through Europe decreased because the merchants confined themselves to local markets because of the fear of bandats. In document three it shows how a manor is set up. which shows that everything that is needed in one area so there is no reason to leave or anywhere to go.

This made the road system deteriorate. There was no strong central government so money was no longer used and the barter system which is exchanging goods replaced it. Untill the Crusades where the knights brought back new products such as sugar, lemon, spices, mirors, crossbow, gun powder and cloth. This was the "turning point" in the trade during the Middle Ages because this increased the trade in Europe.

The Fuedal Social system was not very stable. At the top is saposed to be the King but the king did not have much power outside of his own estates. Below the Kings were the powerful lords, they were the vassels to the king. There was not many of them. They were given land grants (fiefs) for military service. Below them were the lesser lords they were...