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Difference between artist craftperson and designer

There is so many misunderstanding of defining the terms of an artist, a craftsperson and a designer. According to Oxford Dictionary, an artist is a person who paints or draws pictures, produces sculpture; a person who does something with a great skill. On the other hand, according to the Oxford Dictionary, a craftsperson is a skilled man, especially one who makes beautiful things by hand, and does something very well with a great attention to detail. Refers to Oxford Dictionary, a designer is a person whose job is designing things. The main differences about these three terms are the works they do and the result that they produce. For instance, an artist could be a singer, movie actor and painter, while a craftsperson could be a sculpture maker. As for the designer, their work does not have much to do with the process of making something happen, but more about putting their idea and imagination.

Design Process

Design process is a step by step process of design, it is a process of design from start to finish the work. For example: firstly, the designer do the research, then start to make a concept by drawing sketches, then after that the designer start to make the design based on the concept, then lastly, they start to decide what material their need to finish the projects.

Plagiarism and why its such an anger

According to Oxford Dictionary, plagiarism is the action or an instance of taking somebody else's ideas or words and uses them as if they were one's own. In this society, we as a designer needs to appreciate others work. Appreciate it could be in many ways, and one of the easiest way is for not copying the works and...