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Bryce G. Gulledge

English 102 - G20

May 1st, 2013

Looking Forward to the Future

I find myself thinking about the future frequently throughout most days. I've always given the future much thought. However, I'm currently in a time where I have to confront many decisions that will affect my future so the topic comes up more often.

I'm currently a senior who is nearing the end of his last year of high school. I definitely plan on attending college and obtaining a degree. I'm almost completely positive I'll be at University of South Carolina Columbia for at least the next four years. The hardest decision I face is what to major in. Hopefully I'll find out after my first year of college. My current major is Biomedical Engineering, but I'm sure that will change. I decided to start with that major so I could explore the possibilities of the interesting and high-demand biology and engineering based majors at the same time.

Going through medical school to become a doctor has my interest. Becoming a doctor would be outstanding mostly because I want to be able to help people; I'm sure the pay check would be a great bonus as well. The only downside would be the extra years I would be required to spend in school and the hefty debt I would accumulate during that time. No matter what, I'll pursue a career that at least interests me and I'll try my best to become successful enough to support my future family.

I really look forward to having a family of my own one day. The most important step in having a family of my own is to be married. One of my most important goals is finding a wonderful girl to marry. I'm a strong believer in...