Gaius Julius Caesar

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Gaius Julius Caesar’s vigorous campaign towards becoming one of the most recognized men of Ancient Rome, was what brought him to become just what he strived to become. Did Julius Caesar want to become king of Rome? There are many arguments of both sides but it is a topic in which nobody can solve. Julius Caesar was a Political man, a Military man, and a man of the people; he climbed the Cursus Honorum to be among the best ranks and to be the best rank. Throughout the time of the Roman Republic, Julius Caesar strived to be a Political man, a Military man, and a man of the people. Changes within the structure of the Roman army set the early stage of the rise of Julius Caesar to power within the Roman Empire. The republican army of the early days was founded on the “Servian” constitution. The army was the army of the state; citizens served in it according to their wealth and were called to arms when needed.

In the third century this began to change as campaigns increased in duration and moved farther and farther from the boundaries of Rome itself. Further there was a growing resistance of wealthy citizens to take part in military service. In 107 BC Marius instituted reforms lowering the requirements of military service to include members of the lower classes. Throughout the years of Caesar, he encountered civil war, attempted murder, murder, the highest political standings and much more. There is much information that provides both sides of the claim of whether Gaius Julius Caesar wanted to become king of Rome.

Julius Caesar started off as a military man and grew to become much more later on in his lifetime. Caesar’s path to become one of the most powerful men of...