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The movie Gandhi starts off with the assassination of Gandhi in 1948. After he is shot, the movie immediately flashes back to Gandhi in the late 1800's. Gandhi began his work against the injustices of the British Empire when he was a young man in South Africa. He was a lawyer and he fought against ethnic discrimination for Indians. South Africa was controlled by the British at this time and Indian's were there working. Gandhi helps them to gain their independence through nonviolence and respect for others. Gandhi was thrown off a train, traveling across South Africa, because he had refused to give up his first class seat and move to the third class, where the British man wanted him to go. Shortly after, Gandhi organized his first protest in which he burned passes that Indians were required to carry at all times in South Africa. He then protested again with nonviolence against laws that singled out Indians as second class citizens that had few rights.

Justice and human rights was a strong theme in this portion of the movie. Gandhi saw the people were not treated fairly so he fought for justice. By burning the passes he fought out in a non violent manner, proving that people needed to be treated fairly. The British were taking advantage of the people in South Africa, and their peaceful protest gained their human rights. Even when the British were clubbing Gandhi, he still persisted in burning his pass, and this showed how he put his importance as a person under that of basic human rights.

Gandhi was effective in South Africa, and his success caused him to return to India where he could work the independence of India. On the second day of the movie, Gandhi was let out of jail...