Gay Marriage

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Gay Marriage, Illegitimate no more

Homosexual marriage has been turned to the front burner in the news recently. This very heated subject, people have strong arguments for either side of the coin. The people who support gay and lesbian marriage are fighting legal, social, and ethical battles with the highly religious right wing. Debating the legality of homosexual marriage has become a heated topic since April 26. On this day"Vermont Governor Howard Dean signed a landmark bill allowing same-sex unions in his state." (Murphy 1). This law stated that homosexual couples were able to, in the eyes of the state, have many of the same rights that legally married couples enjoy. These rights and privileges include tax breaks and other economic benefits that once only pertained to married heterosexual couples. This piece of legislation was widely embraced by the homosexual community as victory until other factors were discovered. "The Defense of Marriage Act, which President Clinton signed into law in 1996, stipulated that while the states could decide for themselves what they recognize as marriage, the federal government would only recognize marriages between a man and a woman" (Murphy 1).

After research of this ruling, the gay community was angered that they only received benefits by the state and not the federal government. All of this past rule and law makes the present state of gay marriage more important then it has ever been.

On Wednesday February fourth the Massachusetts Supreme court upheld a ruling that homosexual marriage shall be allowed in that state (Arce, 1). Upholding this law established that homosexuals will be allowed to wed, upsetting many people around the nation while at the same time, elating an equal number of others. The two sides in this battle over wedlock are the gay community and the religious factor...