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Recently new scientific discoveries have been found that might explain why women function better on left-brain associated tasks (i.e. Language and verbal skills) while men excel at spatial analysis. To debate this subject I have collected information from a Cover story in Times Magazine named "How Gender may Bend your Thinking" (July 7, 1995) and the move "Differences between Men and Woman" (1995).

These articles displayed information on the gender differences in pathological make up of humans. It was said that females seem to have stronger connections between the two halves of their hemispheres than males. This biological factor would seem to explain many of the notable differences perceived in society. For example, due to the lack of cross between the males hemispheres men may actually benefit by allowing each half of the brain to concentrate on what it does best. Therefore, when men are confronted with problems that deal with spatial orientation, where women would use both hemispheres, men use the right hemisphere only.

Thus, there are not as many distracting messages coming from the opposite hemisphere. (Times, 1995) Scientists are now gathering together Hypothesis's towards explaining these phenomena. Some questions that have been raised are whether people are born with these "gender traits" or if they are learned through society. My personal opinion, (after years of studying Biology and how sex hormones effect the fetus before birth) would be that people are born with these traits. If we look at this world in a "Survival of the Fittest" fashion we would notice that many of our inherit gender traits help us survive and thrive with in society. Men, being the stronger of our race physically, need to think strategically in life, while woman, who are the nurturers and weaker physically, need to use problem solving skills which combines...