Gender and Power

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There are three categories of gender that exists in this world, male, female and hijra but mainly male and female. Each gender has distinct characteristics and responsibilities. It is said that men have the predominance in every field over women and they are supposed to comply with men's decision and be inferior to them. We especially men do not usually think about the pain and sufferings that women go through. For this essay I would like to discuss about how being so obese and so skinny can impact women's lives. In Susan Bordo's article, she states about eating disorders mainly in women and how it plays in their lives socially and culturally. Obesity is a disaster that is affecting women than men. Once someone is obese, it takes a lot of time and hard work to get to normal shape which means a healthy body, not too obese and not too slender.

Besides that there are a large number of females who suffer from anorexia nervosa, the disorder that makes people lose their weight. Women are concerned about their body than men therefore they perform their best to achieve a normal body shape that would give them a better value in society. Being too obese or slender can destroy people mentally or physically. As the rate of obesity and slenderness is increasing day by day, the most difficult task for a woman is to stay in normal body shape because of the unhealthy fast food restaurants, lack of exercise and self confidence.

Susan Bordo, a professor of English and Women's studies show that Greeks believed that adjusting the consumption of food would lead to self mastery and achievement of moderation. And Christians during the Middle Ages practiced fasting as a means to clean their body.