How Gender and Sexuality are Portrayed in Media

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Commercial considerations are more important than any other factors when producing a media product at producer?s view. One of the main functions of most of the media is to make profit, so a media producer has to create texts that audience will want to consume. ?The quality of what is said to those audiences is another matter?.

(Burton, 186). Because of technology required to produce and distribute texts, are expensive. So producers need to plan their finance accurately so to earn money and minimize the risk.

Audience size and reaction are often seen as a way of measuring the ?success? of a media product. So when a media producer want to make a media product to earn money, he need to make a media text that can attract audience to watch to achieve the producer?s purpose.

Stereotypes and genders socialization are seen to be the reason for the inequality of power between men and women.

One of a romatic comedey I watched recently was ?good times, bed times?. I found there are lots of dominant values of patriarchal society and stereotypes that is about gender are linked to values encouraged in men and masculinity. This movie shows lots of patriachal values, in a dominant male centered society.

Penis represent a man?s power, lost penis?s funtion equal to ?not a man?, so he will lost man?s power and get subordinate by others. For instance, Paul is an ideal man at the beginning, he is handsome, smart and popular but after he get sexual impotence, he lost his girlfriend, get teased by his co-workers and lost his confidence immediately. People didn?t treat him as an ideal man and representative of the police anymore, he was no longer popular. It shows that anyhow you are that successful, handsome, smart and popular, if you...