Gender Differences

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Origins of human nature

The Biological and Cultural Forces That Differentiate

Males and Females

Culture and biology is very important while comparing males and females. Everyone is different but we all came from the same place and all evolved together. Males and females both have different unique characteristics that will benefit them in the long run. There are also a lot of similarities that connect males and females together. Although there is a lot of hate and aggression in the world, but that's the way we will stay alive. We need to defend our own gender and human nature. As the world continues to change and society's expectations change, more similarities and differences between males and females with arise.

Evolutionary theories

There are many mysteries involving the differences between male and females but before these mysteries came about, we wondered about how he got here and how we developed into such a great species.

One of the theories that came about is theories about chimps and how closely related we are to them. According to Diamond our DNA is ninety six percent similar to the DNA of chimps. DNA is made up of two chains that is different in everyone but is carried from parent to offspring and most of our DNA correlates to the DNA of chimps, so that means that we came from chimps but got better with time. Our blood is the same blood that chimps possess. For example, according to Diamond our principal hemoglobin, this is the oxygen-carrying protein that gives blood its red color, is identical to chimp's hemoglobin. Although we are so closely related to chimps, there are many differences also.

Chimps are very smart and using tools and creating them was one of their characteristics. Although the tools were not...