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Compare the relative merits of the type of management that took place in the Raleigh Street area and the type of development that took place in the meadows area of Nottingham The types of development, which took place in the Raleigh Street was very different to the redevelopment of the Meadows area. In Raleigh Street they constructed two new schools to manage the kids in the area. Traffic management was also a problem as Raleigh Street is near Nottingham town centre, so they introduced parking schemes, one way streets, double yellow lines, made the roads wider and even closed some roads off whereas in the Meadows they built lots of new roads and widened the existing roads. In the Meadows there was one school in the North so they built another one in the East.

It was extremely overcrowded in both places. The housing were Terrace housing and had little or no space for gardens.

In the Meadows they rebuilt most of the houses and made space for new roads and gardens whereas in the Raleigh Street area they converted some factories to flats and demolished the Terraced housing to build new buildings (up to four floors) The street plan in the meadows was very compact; there were lots of narrow alleys and narrow roads. In Raleigh Street the roads and housing were formed to look like a grid. There were narrow roads but not as many as in the Meadows.

In the Raleigh street area there was no public services not even a school, so people that lived there would have to walk to town to buy their daily requirements. When it was rebuilt they did have few services but not many. There were a few services in 1953 in the Meadows but they were mainly based in the West and the South of the area. By 1984 the services did spread to the North East and practically all over.

Employment was very good in the Raleigh street area as the houses were built there, for the factory workers. That's why there was no schools as when kids grew older instead of going to school they could just get a job in one of the factories. I don't think employment was great in the Meadows in 1953. There were a few factories and the power station but not enough work to support the people living there.

Overall what happened in the Meadows I think was a lot better then what happened in Raleigh Street. They spaced the houses more apart and just genially improved it where in Raleigh Street they transformed the factories into flats and still kept some of the terrace housing.