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GEOGRAPHY NOTES · Since European settlement between 78 & 100 plant species have become are extinct. 150-200 under threat.

· GENETIC DIVERSITY - safeguard species diversity. Large range of genetic forms within each species. Genetic variations.

· Extinct- disappearance of species after thorough searching (some extinction is natural) · At risk- in danger of becoming extinct · Endangered- close to extinction in the wild unless something is done the species could disappear altogether · Vulnerable- The step before endangered · Rare- few of a particular species remain , less serious category than endangered · Extinction can occur naturally because of climatic change which affects the vegetation on which animals depend.

· MEGAFAUNA-large Australian mammals from the ice age · Aborigines 50000 yrs ago modified asia Australia bridge vegetation through burning it out resulting in dry arid landscapes. This also could have made extinct the megafauna.

· In Aus since 1788 only 30% of the vegetation remains unmodified to osme degree.

· Cultural Vegetation means exotic or introduced species, such as those found in ornamental gardens or pine plantations.

· The murray darling was dammed affecting surrounding habitats · Introduced species have had a 3 fold effect on environments 1. Grazing 2. Competition between native and introduced species 3. introduced species can introduce formerly unknown diseases.

· In recent years large amounts of insecticide and weedicide have been used and effect the food chain · Homozygosity- breeding of the same species of animals · Hybridise- mixed breeding of plants · Wildlife is harmed by recreation practises · Oldest nat. park in Australia is Witches Falls in QLD founded 1908.

· Rachel Carson's SILENT SPRING showed the impact that pesticides could have in areas far outside where they were applied.

· We are using up our renewable resources faster than we...