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Few writers were able to create an impact on society with such an diverse style of storytelling. George Orwell, formerly Eric Arthur Blair, left his mark on the world with his writing skill. George Orwell was born June 25, 1903 in Bengal India due to his father being a British official in the Indian civil service. His mother was a French teak merchant in Burma India and when George was born they moved back to England. George Orwell was able to go to a boarding school in Sussex during his childhood. Now attending college George won scholarships to England's top school Winchester and Eton. George Orwell's Personal life considerably affected his works of literature.

Visionary authors like Orwell implement their powerful past life events to form the basis for their writing. Orwell in his early writing career went to report the civil war in Spain in "May 1937… having fought in Barcelona against communists…he was forced to flee Spain in fear of his life….with

a lifelong dread of communism" ( His writing became his way of exorcise the fearful or unwanted event in his life. His aspirations to become a writer began at an early age; "from boyhood he had wanted to become a writer" ( Childhood haunted Orwell and made him distinguish himself from the orthodox expectations of society. When Orwell grew up the borders of race and caste left him with a strong feeling of guilt. He "[lived] in cheap lodging houses among laborers and beggars [and] he spent a period in the slums of Paris" ( The choice to live in poverty offered Orwell ideas for his writing.

The experiences of poverty inspired Orwell's creative imagination. The offspring of the experiences appeared in "Down and Out in London and Paris" also...