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Nancy Cisneros


August 25, 2014

Christopher was a villain when he arrived to the "New World" because his intentions was to find gold, which he would do anything to find it, meaning he had to kill anybody is his way.

In 1492 Columbus had sailed to the New World, thinking he was going to land in Asia but he landed in Haiti. When Columbus and his men found land they met the Arawaks. Columbus describe them as "all young and of good shapes, and very handsome" but as soon as they settle Columbus "got down to business: I was very attentive to them, and stove to learn if they had any gold"(Columbus, 20). Obviously Columbus didn't want to interact with them, he just wanted their gold. When someone is greedy their goal is to achieve what they're looking for until they find it. Like here Columbus had no intention to be friendly he just wanted to get down to business as soon as possible.

But that wasn't his only intention; on his first voyage Columbus took ten to twenty-five American Indians to take them back to Spain to become slaves. The Natives weren't looking to get in to a fight; in fact, the Natives brought Columbus parrots and balls of cotton, meaning they were friendly. The Natives even lack in knowledge of metal so of course Columbus was going to win the fight, for they had more weapons like a sword. If it wasn't for Arawaks being there, Columbus would not been interested in the land.

Columbus, not caring for the Arawaks, he felt he owned the land and the people. Right after Columbus and his men returned to Haiti in 1493, "they demanded food, gold, spun cotton-whatever the Natives had they wanted" he...