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Geogria Pacific

Georgia Pacific was established as a lumber hardwood wholesaler in 1927. The company quickly became popular in the U.S., especially in the Northwest and in wooded areas. Overtime the company added additional products paper, packaging, and building products. Eventually the company got involved with asbestos with the Timberwood company. Ever since then they have dealt with lawsuits involving asbestos. In 2005, the Kock Brothers, a private company, bought out Georgia Pacific. Today Georgia Pacific is the world's leader in paper products, lumber, and a number of other items.

In 1927, Owen R. Reathen introduced the Georgia Hardwood formally designated as a lumber wholesaler in Augusta Georgia. Owen R. Reathan donated $ 2,000 to jump start the business and to begin a new form of lumbering called dynamic conservation.

Dynamic conservation cut 75 percent of trees in a forest per year 10 years leaving the other 15 percent to grow multiply thus increasing lumber and saving trees.

The company quickly grew in popularity in he south, so much so that within a decade of he company's existence, it had 5 mills manufacturing lumber. In fact by the time WWII came around, he company was the leading supplier of lumber to the U.S Army, earning them the Army-Navy E award.

While the company as busy in the South, Chethem was staking out claims in Oregon for possibly a new location for lumbering. He noticed two things about the trees in Oregon. First they had potential to be really spontaneously reproducing other trees and second, the trees had been neglected for many years. In 1936 Chehem, started testing the trees to see how they reproduced. In 1940 the company realized that they had hit "A gold mine of trees." In 1941, he government signed a contract with Oregan Timber(Georgia Pacific) to...