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Germaine Greer was born in 1939 Melbourne Victoria. After education at the Star of the Sea Convent in Gardenvale, and then winning a Teacher's College scholarship, Germaine Greer enrolled at Melbourne University in 1956. She graduated with a BA honors from Melbourne University in 1958, an MA with 1st class honors from Sydney in 1963 and the following year she went to Cambridge University in England on a Commonwealth Scholarship. She got a PhD from Cambridge in 1968.

The book she wrote in 1970 called "The Female Eunuch" caused a big outcry at the time and she has become famous as a supporter of the women's liberation movement. She is now lecturer in English at a university in England.

She wrote a few other books, one was called "The Obstacle Race" to promote the cause of woman's liberation and numerous articles. She has given interviews for the press and done appearances on television in many countries.

Dr Greer has returned to Australia several times to promote the cause of women's liberation.

She is one of the most famous voices of the gender wars, Germaine Greer. Her reputation was made in 1970, when she wrote The Female Eunuch. The book helped encourage women's movement and it turned its author into one of the most important voices in feminism. It elevated her to the role of intellectual high priestess of feminism.

And there was that memorable debate with American conservative William Buckley at her alma mater, Cambridge University.

Germaine Greer's anger, her intellect and her showmanship have always been her hallmark. She took on any man, man enough to argue the issue of women's liberation.

Other works include The Madwoman's Underclothes (1986), Slip-shod Sibyls (1995), and The Whole Woman (1999). She is currently Professor of English and...