"Germany was to blame for starting World War One" Discuss.

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[note: Though initially this was an in class essay, not a single piece of text has been changed and take note that the score was based on an in class essay rather than an out of class one as to properly asses the standard of this essay]Over the many decades since World War One has ended, there have been many arguments over who was to blame for starting what was then known as the Great War. One of the main arguments seems to be over the extent of Germany’s involvement and whether they were the only culprit in starting the war. Stewart Ross, in the book Causes and Consequences of the First World War, claims that “It seemed as if the allies post war view – that Germany had deliberately provoked the war- was quite accurate after all”, while Derek Heater, within the book Our World This Century, questions “ Do you think that perhaps the war was causes by jealousy and fear between several nations?”.

One point of view narrowing down the target of the blame to a single nation, while the other expands the blame from one nation to many. The aspect that must be looked at in order to find the answer to this are the events that caused World War One: these being the imbalance of power in Europe, Nationalism, the depletion of the Ottoman Empire, Imperialism and Militarism (the Arms Race). But to further evaluate this, blame must be allocated to each one of the causes and as Germany is not the only antagonist in every one of these it can be said that Germany was not entirely to blame for starting World War One.

Up until the unification of Germany, Europe had what is often described as a balance of power that...