Germany's view on the response to terrorism.

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I. General Position Statement

The Federal Republic of Germany believes anti-terrorism to be crucial for the maintenance of worldwide security and considers the drafting of a doctrine for responses to terrorist actions to be an important step in the process of maintaining international peace.

Comprehensive Guidelines and Regulations (CGAR) is long overdue. Worldwide, abuse of the current situations has occurred: claiming to be responses to terrorist actions, governments have disguised their political agenda as part of a counter-terrorism action. Rules have to be established to contain the reactions to terrorism. Furthermore, a double standard cannot be allowed; countries need to have transparency in order to keep accountable.

Acknowledging these facts, the German Empire holds reservations while establishing the CGAR. The line between privacy and protection has become so fine that it has disappeared; however, it is extremely clear that basic human rights must always be upheld. Even is protection is compromised, everyone must be guaranteed basic human rights, regardless of race, sex, religion, and political preference.

Terrorist or not, they are still people; regardless of their actions, they still need to be treated like people.

Isaac Asimov once wrote, "Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right". In a completely changed collective consciousness, the social and political views of each country has been continuing evolving. Isaac Asimov is saying that people's morals have become altered away from what is right. Germany believes that 'what is right' needs to be discussed and agreed upon. Although it is impossible to prepare and write regulations for every possible situation, it is important that the Comprehensive Guidelines and Regulations be descriptive enough to be used as a set of rules, a guide to dealing with terrorist situations. The CGAR must be a document that reflects "what is right",