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1. Iroquois confederacy-Established in 1451 to control violence among indian nations in Massachuetts. Majority took the side of the British in the Revolutionary War and were a lot of trouble for the colonists in the South in Indian rates.

2. Mayflower compact-Signed in 1620 by the pilgrims at Plymouth, it was the first document of self government and it promised to work together towards a general good.

3. Salutary Neglects-1700-50-ish. Merchantile hold loosened on colonies, which allowed them to prosper and get ideas of independance

4. Navigation Acts-Imposed by the British between 1651-96, it prevented the colonists from trading with anyone besides the British. The British often gave them a raw deal on their goods and then turned around and sold it to another nation for profit.

5. Bacon's Rebellion-Took place in Virginia in 1676. It was small-time planters feeling trapped between the Indians in the west and the elite in the East.

Burned Jamestown, Virginia and ransacked Indian villages. Started conflicts between Frontiersmen and the aristocrats and Indians.

6. 1st Great Awakening-During the 1730's, started in Mass., preachers started to try and hit emotions in people, especially young people. Was one of the first intercolonial phenomenons, helped unity and revived religion.

7. Albany conference-In 1754 in New York. Called by British to try and get colonies to work together to work on problem of French and Indians. Discovered that colonies couldn't work together.

8. Seven Years War-Also known as the French and Indian War was fought between Spanish, French and the British for control over America during 1754-63. When the British won they started focusing their control on the colonies.

9. Proclamation Line-1763, at the top of the Appalachian Mountains. All land on West of peak=Indian Territory and land on East=Colonists. Colonists angry because they thought after the war...