Getting rid of red light cameras

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Let's Get Rid of Red Light Cameras

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Walking to the mailbox depressed that your bills have arrived, is one of the worst feelings ever. I myself was walking dreadfully towards my mailbox. Surprisingly, flipping through the letters, I find a ticket for running a red light. My heart suddenly dropped to my stomach knowing I just got my first ticket. When I saw the price I had to pay, I felt I was going to faint. I couldn't believe how so much bad stuff can happen on such a beautiful summer day. Months after paying the fine, it came to my attention the whole red light camera system was a fraud. Most cities have gotten rid of these red light cameras, but as of January 2013 they are still used in approximately 542 communities in the U.S.

If a vehicle passes through an intersection any time after the light has turned red, unless in the left only lane, the driver has officially ran a red light.

Red light cameras take pictures of drivers and their vehicles while running the red lights. The whole system is pretty complicated. According to Tom Harris, the cameras are connected with sensors that look out for traffic flow. The sensors are located in the crosswalk line. The smart system continuously monitors the traffic signal, and the camera catches any vehicle that doesn't stop during the red phase. Tickets are then mailed to owners of vehicles running the red light, based on photo and sometimes video evidence. All this is linked to two sneaky, but smart companies.

Redflex and Photo Stop are the two top suppliers for red light camera tickets. There independent companies that fool people and steal their money. These independent companies located in New Mexico and Arizona are deceptive. They...