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Case Studies: "Google, Inc." - Potential Acquisition Targets

strategy. When determining a potential acquisition, we can analyze past acquisitions, for example, YouTube. While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, and could potentially turn out to be ... tially turn out to be an excellent decision, acquiring such high-profile and expensive companies as YouTube may not be necessary to ensure Google's long-term growth. To ensure good performance in the ...

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Legal issue final research project

In January 2005 YouTube was created by Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, and Jawed Karim (USA, 2006). After a dinn ... il. As a result, they designed a simpler way to view the video by building the website now known as YouTube: a video sharing website that the public can upload, view, and share video clips on. Eleven ... ebsite was one of the most popular sites on the internet. On October 16, 2006, Chen and Hurley sold YouTube to Google for $1.65 billion. Karim had already stepped out of the business, although he did ...

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Case Study: Musica Viva Australia

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Childhood Experience

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Discuss how ICT has changed modern society

dents. With the economy suffering in the USA, may schools have adopted using video websites such as YouTube to keep the students interested with the issues of the world.It is only human to get a rush ...

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Jetblue Crisis Management

t exactly went wrong. A three minute video of Neelemen making a public apology was also uploaded on Youtube. On 20 February, JetBlue introduced a Customer Bill of Rights, an official document that out ... uld use this opportunity to display their effective crisis management policies e.g. Bill of Rights, YouTube video showing Neeleman apologizing.Although JetBlue had reacted swiftly using its 'mortifica ...

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Managing negotiation process / Google & Youtube negotiation

In October 2006, Google Inc. announced that it had reached a deal to acquire YouTube for US$1.65bn in Google Stock. The deal closed in November 2006.I take up the negotiations f ... ember 2006.I take up the negotiations from Friday October 9th 2006, with Google in talks to acquire YouTube after bidding 1.65Bn for it. Google will pay YouTube in Google stock which means that the ow ... the owners could have a lot more than the $1.65bn in a few years time if Google continues to grow. YouTube investors Sequoia are rumoured to take $480M of this stock portfolio. Google claim that if n ...

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Microsoft marketing strategies and Porter's five forces

h Yahoo collapsed. Facebook then was said to be seeking more than the $1.65 billion Google paid for YouTube - and considerably more than the $580 million News Corp. paid for MySpace in 2005.This move ... ntirely of Facebook and MySpace. Other rivals include the smaller sites Blogger, Classmates Online, YouTube, MSN Groups, AOL Hometown, Yahoo! Groups, MSN Spaces, Six Apart, TypePad,, and Liv ...

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Web 2.0

WEB 2.0Introduction:"Web 2.0 is linking people". ( This simple statement clears up the whole jargon about what is web 2.0. I was unclear w ... id sentence to make what they were talking about seem more technical. However then as I was surfing YouTube I came across this fantastic video that Michael Wesch a cultural Anthropologist uploaded (Th ... d databases that get better as more people use them is the secret sauce for web 2.0 companies" ("Web 2.0 is a catchword for the new internet paradigm that is just starting to shape the ...

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On the passage of Net Neutrality Legislation

9). H.R. 3458 tries to address a debate that is escalating between content providers such as Google/YouTube, Amazon, and Yahoo and internet service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. Th ...

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Web communication Reflection

he news or weather. Others use the Internet for Entertainment purposes, such as visiting sites like YouTube that stream a range of both humorous and educational videos, watching television on our comp ...

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Warner Music Group report

owth of digital downloads is "tremendous in the U.S. and International"; for instance, "Spotify and YouTube are greatly emerging" (WMG 10-K, 2011). In 2011, physical sales decreased tremendously in am ...

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Essay on SOPA

the bill is so unclear that it would also allow the government to potentially close down Wikipedia, YouTube and many other sites we use on an everyday basis. This bill should not be passed since it go ... ur sovereignty of speech, SOPA will strongly affect our economy. Widespread websites like Facebook, YouTube, and search engines such as Google are just a few of the many websites that will be intensel ...

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Free speech presentation

public stance to a controversial issue. With the expansion, of social media coverage on Twitter and YouTube sparked the organization's business relations with Jim Henson Company to pull Muppet toys fr ...

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Buddah Lundh

ended up winning a nobel prize. There are many other sites beside Twitter that Ai Weiwei used like Youtube. He would post videos of his art, songs and documentaries as well.Ai Weiwei always had a har ...

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Commercialization of "Right Start" breakfast cereal

. Internet advertising will also involve the use of short, 15 second advertisements before specific YouTube™ videos (Videos based on health and fitness), which would, like advertisements on broa ...

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