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The bakery section of the Indiana CountyGiant Eagle food store uses a series of syntagmatic categories to construct a sense that the shopper is stepping into heaven, a place where only good, decent, untainted things are. It's said that when in heaven you can have anything your heart desires. It is filled sweet pleasures. The syntagmatic categories are situated in a way that lures the customer by attracting them to the bakery section. The main syntagmatic categories that influence the customer are the displays, the variety, and the aroma.

One of the syntagmatic categories is the aroma that fills the air. A customer can't just walk by the bakery section of the store without stopping to smell the spices like nutmeg, and cinnamon. The different flavors of icing include chocolate, strawberry, coconut, butterscotch, and vanilla. The customers also like to see what treats the stores has in that day.

Once in the section, the customer is then amazed by the variety of cakes like pound cake, upside down cakes, and double layered cakes. They say the different pies like blueberry, lemon, pumpkin pie, strawberry, cherry, and apple. You can see and smell the sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal, and even the ones with candy in them like M&M cookies. The aroma itself makes the customers mouth start to water, allowing the customer to think that he/she is eating the food without even actually tasting it. The bakery also makes some customers feel like they are kids in candy stores in the sense that there are so many good things to eat, so many varieties to choose from, and knowing that you can't have everything that you see. The displays of the baked goods make customers want to sample what they have their eyes affixed upon. When eating cakes, pies, and or pastries you just can't eat one.

I know that when it comes to eating chocolate chip cookies, I just can't eat one. I have to finish off the container in one sitting. Every time I enter a grocery store, the first place that I check out is the bakery section. I look to see if there are any new flavors of cookies, and cakes. I just can't decide on one particular item. When I sank my teeth in the warm moist dough of a chocolate chip cookie, my stomach feels warm, I get tingly all over, I get excited, my mouth feels heavy, and usually my eyes are close. I am then full of joy or some type of happiness, which then makes me want more.

Judging by what I saw in the Giant Eagle, and my own personal experience with the bakery section of the store, I can confirm that walking into the Giant Eagle Bakery is like stepping into a heaven filled with pleasures.