Global Commodity Chians

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Tara O'Connor Global Commodity Chains

'Analysis of world wide Commodity Chains in the global garment industry showing the way western consumers buying designer goods and women workers in the third world are linked'

This write up assignment will provide detailed descriptive accounts of Global Commodity Chains and how it was presented with examples and background information in a student group. The topic was supported with various handouts which will be later referred too, in much more depth. This piece will analyse the presentation and support the research used with the relevant web sites that provided the information on the Global Production trade and Global Commodity Chains. Global commodity chains involve networks of various economic actors which are linked together transnationally across and between different firms/companies and industries. They provide investment for producers, distributors and consumers and increase production and marketing. Global Commodity chains link different kinds of workers, producers, merchant middle-men/women, wholesalers, retailers and designers.

The web site www,, was used to establish what occurred with the organisation Women Working Worldwide. A handout was produced using this web site which, firstly, provided background information about the set up of the organisation. It was founded in 1983 when a group of activists organised a conference on women and the division of labour. The main aims of the organisation were presented, these aims consisted of the supporting of womens rights and looked at how the women were used as cheap labour in the textile and garment industry. This organisation worked to improve the women working situation by organising meetings and fund raising, they especially worked hard to gain international support for women workers.

Sweatshop has become a common term referring to a workplace where the workers are subject to extreme exploitation, including the absence of a living wage or benefits, poor...