Global Warming

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Everyone knows that the atmosphere is the layer outside of the earth. It let's heat in and let's heat out but not as much as it let's in. We depend on the atmosphere for letting heat in and we also depend on it for letting heat out. The atmosphere can raise the heat index if it doesn't let any heat out.

Within the last century, the amount of carbon dixoide increased by twenty percent in the atmosphere. Scientist theorized that the atmosphere would lead to global warming with the increase of carbon dixoide and other gases. Scientist think that the increase of carbon dixoide in the atmosphere could lead to increase in average temperature of up to 1 degree Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. 1 degree Celsius would probably not cause major change in that climate. An increase of 5 degrees Celsius would probably cause drastic results.

Global warming was brought to scientist attention by several issues.

In 1998, it was the severe drought. Five years in the 1980's were among the hottest records. A 5 degree Celsius increase in average temperature seemed to scientist that global warming had definitely begun. Some scientist disagrees with the thought that the increase is the result of greenhouse gasses. They disagree because it is not known for certian. It's even possible that the world would benefit from global warming.

The atmosphere might be the reason that we have global warming. Scientist are still studying it. So the atmosphere is not to good on letting heat out. But we still depend on it for the heat to keep us warm in the winter. The atmosphere is not good on global warming because pollution comes in with it.