Global Warming and the Evil Axes

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The effects of man, globalization and industrialization on nature is enormous. Global warming is one of the most threatening effects. Scientifically, it is caused by the emissions of heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide, which mainly occurs by the burning of fossil fuels. These gases cover the atmosphere, and keep the heat inside, that temperature rises occur. A warmer world means serious problems to environment. In practice, human beings are the ones responsible for global warming, even if they do not want to admit this reality. The industrialization, capitalism and the consumption madness are the reasons beyond global warming. Humanity is to be blamed for the damages to the ecosystem and one of this damages, global warming is also caused by the axes in humanities heads such as industrialization, religion, money or some psychological thoughts, even that it has a vast contribution to the eco-crisis in the world, and it effects human beings themselves with its hazardous consequences.

There are scientific reasons for global warming. The most important cause is the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, like coal or oil, actually are natural products and they include carbon composites in their structures like all organic substances. When plants, animals die, and the organic components of them decay, the carbon in their structure is buried in soil. These carbon turn into fossil fuels over thousands or millions of years. So when these fossil fuels are burnt, the carbon component in them combines with the oxygen in the air, and form carbondioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. Like other greenhouse gases, carbondioxide is a heat-trapping gas, and causes the heat to remain within the atmosphere. And there is a direct relationship between the heat increase and the CO2 concentration in the air. After the Industrial Revolution, humanity started to...