Globalization and strategic interests of Russia

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2Introduction �

3Globalization �

3Notion, main characteristics �

5Tendencies, advantages and disadvantages �

7Forms and specifics �

9Russia in world economy �

9Strategic interests in west countries. �

12Russian interests in USA and Latin America �

12Russian economic interests in East countries. �

12Russia in international organizations �

12Future prospects and recommendations �

12Conclusion �

12Endnotes �




The primary goal of this project is to analyze the current relations of Russia with other countries and to understand what prospects is Russia having and the aim of the project is to find out how to adjust or keep in touch with strategically important partners.

There were vital changes in the world for the last years. Accruing processes of globalization, despite the inconsistent consequences, conduct to more uniform distribution of resources of influence and economic growth, putting an objective basis for a multipolar design of the international relations.

Strengthening of the collective and legal beginnings in the international relations on the basis of a recognition of indivisibility of safety in the modern world proceeds. Value of the power factor has increased in the world politics, as a whole access to resources. The world situation of Russia was considerably strengthened. Strong, more self-assured Russia became the important component of positive changes in the world.

Accruing globalizations of economy is shown in international trade growth. Economic rapprochement of the countries has not only positive consequences. Helping to move ahead faster by the way of economic growth and progress, economic interdependence has simultaneously made each country rather sensitive to external influences. One of new lines of economic in the conditions of its globalisation is sharply increased speed of occurrence and distribution of crises in the financial markets.


Notion, main characteristics

Globalization of...