Globalization in Canada

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Globalization in Canada

Globalization is defined as a system of interaction of different countries all over the world with a goal of developing a global economy. Globalization involves interaction of societies and economics all over different parts of the world. It involves the exchange of technological, political, and cultural ideas that have been made possible by improvement in infrastructure, communication, and transportation systems. The term globalization originated in the 1960s \, but it was until 1990s that t became common all over the world. The phenomenon, however, is much older it dates back to 19th century (Haugen, 89).

Different people and societies react differently to the effects of globalization, in this paper I will deal with Canada's globalization and its effects. Developed countries like Canada experience stronger effects of globalization compared to developing countries. Globalization causes homogenizations of people from different cultures since people are able to wear similar clothes and eat similar foods all over the world.

Canada has gone through great integration as a result of globalization; this is caused by the advanced communication technology, the government being active in various international organizations, trade culture and population that travels allot around the world (Lorimer, and Mike, 89).

History of globalization in Canada

Canada is a high dependant of external markets ad has been since 17th century. During this period, Canada's economy was mainly colonial. It depended on imperial power countries like France and Britain for investments. It used to export natural resources and import processed goods. This relationship can be referred to as globalization although it was not as efficient as it is today. It also had trade ties with other nations however primarily it had to be within the empire. In 19th century, Canadian economy transformed from a colonial to...