Is globalization good for the LDCs?

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The wars fought in the past two decades and the increasing threats of terrorism and Aids are quite dramatic and have reshaped our world. Other forces though less dramatic are also reshaping our way of life in an even more dramatic fashion. Such a force is, globalization, which though less dramatic is undoubtedly reshaping our world today and will set a platform for future generations. In an ideal situation, globalization aught to benefit all those involved and whereby the result is win-win for all. However, globalization also has big potential for fuelling political, economical and social problems if some parties are affected negatively by this force. The ultimate natural outcome of globalization could be a mixture of races and culture resulting from a melting pot as that of the United States. In such an environment it would be highly possible for the world to adopt similar political systems or even one global system because with globalization we imagine a world converging towards the same social, political and economic structures.

Globalization can easily achieve the above due to technological advances in communication and transportation; the only missing link is reaching a shared ground on the way forward between different cultures and nations. To achieve the above scenario, globalization has to be a force that takes into account the needs of all people and countries. Globalization has to push every one towards better economical situation, better political systems and at the same time avoid allowing some culture and ideologies to murder other ones. The question then becomes: is globalization as structured today a fair force and one which does not favour some while being detrimental to others? This essay will explore globalization by examining whether the structure as stands today is favourable to some regions or nations while being destructive to...