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I was a big fan of the movie Glory for it seemed exciting to me as well as simple, which in history movies is good. Glory tells the story of the rise and fall of the 54th regiment during the Civil War. The story also touches on brutality, unity and dissention. There were some good battle scenes and does a good job on retelling the story.

The film opens with a gruesome battle as Captain Shaw participates in the battle of Antietam Creek on September 17, 1862. The Captain is hit in his neck and has to play dead in order to survive. The scene even features a man's head being blown off and then an even worse scene where the Captain retreats to a Union hospital where a man is pleading for nurses to not saw off his limbs any more. This scene opens up the movie in a bang as it foreshadows Captain Shaw being promoted to the position of Cornel of the first all black regiment.

The regiment is not taken very seriously at first. They are thought of as a joke by Shaw's superiors. At first the regiment tended to be used simply for labor, and does not get the necessary supplies that other regiments were getting. However, their fortune changes as the film progresses. The regiment's first accomplishment is when they receive shoes after a black man is whipped for supposedly running away, when he was actually looking for new shoes for the ones he had were tearing apart his feet. Yet, while they got their shoes there was still much discrimination against the 54th regiment. There was discrimination in pay for the blacks were receiving 10 dollars a month while the whites, doing the same job, were getting 13 dollars a month. The blacks...