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Genetically modified food

By: Ishan Kaushik

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In these modern times, food is becoming scarce. This food cannot always reach the poor developing nations. However, the biggest problem being faced is, the destruction of the crops from natural, or artificial causes. Thus, this reason created the Genetic modified organisms. Genetic modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. The genetic modified foods work at the same application but are in context of food. GM foods are developed - and marketed - because there is some perceived advantage either to the producer or consumer of these foods. This is meant to translate into a product with a lower price, greater benefit (in terms of durability or nutritional value) or both.

The GM crops currently on the market are mainly aimed at an increased level of crop protection through the introduction of resistance against plant diseases caused by insects or viruses or through increased tolerance towards herbicides.

The genetically modified food can be produced at low prices. At the same time, the total output of crops would be more. This is because this food has a better survival rate because it cannot be destroyed by insects and pests. This also saves the cost of production as pesticides and herbicides.

Corn is considered as a genetically modified food. This is because the genetic DNA has altered for better qualities of the corn.GM corn and soybeans are genetically engineered to last longer and be in a better condition than regular crops, this can bring down the price of corn. GM corn and soybeans are genetically engineered to resist harsh conditions like weed killers (Roundup) and weather, allowing more of the crops to survive. Since corn and soybeans are...