The Godfather: A Study of Vito Corleone and the Importance of Public Speaking

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In Francis Ford Coppola's, "The Godfather", the epic tale revolves around the main character, Vito Corleone. Throughout the movie, the viewer recognizes Vito's great ability of speech and how he masters the art of negotiating. Throughout the movie, Vito demonstrates how he is articulate through the conversations he has with the many men who work for him, do business with him, and ask favors of him. It is ironic how his speech style is unusual for a man with a tremendous amount of power, yet it is extremely effective. His style acts as a great example to everyone involved in a management position working with subordinates as well as anyone working in sales or any other position where there is contact with potential business partners. In the following paper I intend to examine Vito's speech style. First, I will discuss a brief history of Vito Corleone's life to put his speaking into perspective.

I then will discuss his speaking style in different situations. Finally I will look at the reactions to his speaking and his overall speaking effectiveness.

Vito Corleone was born with the last name Andolini. He was born in Corleone, Sicily, in the year, 1892. When Vito was nine years old his family was murdered and fearing for his own life he immigrated to the United States. Young Vito did not want to be found in so he decided not to give the immigration officer on Ellis Island his last name. The officer decided to put down the name of the town that Vito was from as his last name, which was Corleone. While hiding in America, Vito decided to find work in a grocery store in New York's Hell's Kitchen. A few years later, at the age of eighteen, Vito married an Italian girl who had just...