Golfing In Lee County

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Golfing in Lee County Corcoran, Carmella R.

Thomas Alva Edison Regional Science Fair, Physics Does lighter or heavier golf balls travel further? This is the researcher's experiment. You first weigh the golf balls. Cut the wood to the right measurement and put them together by adding thirty-two screws. Put the door hinge on the corner piece wood. Also add the spring to make the wood swing. Hammer the tee down in the center of the bottom piece of wood. Take the experiment out side and measure the distance the balls travel.

Every ball weighed 1.6oz or 1.7oz. The balls traveled between six feet and ten feet. The lighter ball travels further than the heavier ball.

The researcher's paper was quite interesting. The history of golf is very important because it is the root of the game. To play golf there are always rules and equipment, without it golf would be crazy.

Taylor, who invented the dimpled ball made a new way of distance and height. Today we still use his idea. When the player improves he goes to higher levels. Different kinds of balls are good, so if one does not work for the player, another one always will. If people play golf they will need all of the following: to know of the history, to understand the rules, and to have the right equipment. Golf is a game that one must be dedicated to playing. Golf is one of America's favorite sports.

Another way you could do this project is to do the bounciness on the balls instead of the weight. You could drop the golf balls from the same amount of height then measure how height the ball bounces. There are a lot of other ways to do this project.