The Good Life

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Some questions in life do not have an absolute answer. There are certain circumstances that are so complicated that cause people to have many different views and opinions on it. The question, what is necessary in order to live a good life is an example of a question with multiple conflicting answers. There have been many famous philosophers who have tried to answer this question. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the Buddha all have different opinions. I personally feel that in order to live a good life one must be able to be comfortable in there own skin and not be concerned with superficial, petty material items.

The conclusion that one must be happy with oneself in order to lead a good life was not something I came to quickly. I have believed in the saying but it took me many years to actually realize the truthfulness of it. During high school I greatly depended on my parents to support me.

I asked them for money so I would be able to go out with my friends or material objects so that I would "fit in." I thought that if I had these objects and if I went out I would be happy and satisfied. However that was not the case. I always felt like something was missing in my life, but instead of figuring it out, I just ignored it and would focus on all the positive aspects of my life. I had a wonderful family, a beautiful home, great friends and lived in good town. I was very fortunate, and I always felt guilty about complaining about my life because I knew that other people had it worse off. When I went away to college was when my feelings started to change. I was on my own for the...