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"The Cold Equations" written by Tom Godwin, and "Boys and Girls," written by

Alice Munro, are very different stories, but so similar. Both short stories have characters

who face death and discover something valuable in the process. In two stories characters

realize they are powerless to stop a death . This recognition changes them in different


While reading "The Cold Equations" I began to understand how Marilyn felt, and

how she coped with her problems. At first Marilyn was shocked to find the out about the

outcome of what would happen to her after she hid on and EDS ship. " Her words trailed

away, and he turned his attention to the viewscreen, not wanting to stare at her as she

fought her way through the black horror of fear toward the calm gray of acceptance."

That quote explains how Marilyn was finally beginning to accept her fate.

After she had

accepted it, although she was still very frightened, she put on a brave face. Marilyn was

able to talk to her brother which seemed to calm her, and put her at peace.

"Boys and Girls" confused me in the way that the author presented it. The girl in

the story, who was the narrator talked about her life. She had gotten attached to a horse

named Flora. In this story, the girl knew that Flora was going to die, but once she realized

how much she would miss her, and what was going on, she did not want to give the horse

up. She refused to accept something that could not be changed, so the girl let Flora get

out of the gated area. Unfortunately, her father found her later on and then shot the horse,

as he had planned all along. The girl...