Government and politics - Is the UK democratic?

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Breeha Shah

Government and politics - Is the UK democratic?

The UK political system is considered to be democratic by many of the other nations and

general public. Representative Democracy is what we have in the UK as were we elect

someone to debate and make the decisions that concerns the country, Democracies use free

and fair elections. We have free and fair elections. Therefore we have a democracy. However

this can be argued as others say that the UK is rather the opposite of that. As the government

largely ignore the opinion of the people and completely disregard their views on the basis that those in power 'know what's best' for the country.

Firstly as majority states the UK is democratic because we have the choose to vote for a leader

who has similar views as us. This is a highly significant point because it's important to have the

publics decision on who should represent on their behalf. This can be counter argued as we

may not live in a strong democracy, where the public votes on every single issue that arises but

this is because the general population is not knowledgeable enough in, for example, economics

to decide the best method of dealing with the deficit, education, to decide how best to run our

schools, crime laws, as to decide how best to deal with criminals and what should or shouldn't

be legal? Which leads to the reason why we elect representatives to make sure that someone who knows the finer details of the working of governments can make those decisions for us.

Second reason the UK is democratic is that we as citizens of the country have freedom of

speech, freedom of information and assembly. As for freedom of speech most of the public don't

realise that...